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Term ends on Thursday 1st April. All children should come to school on the 1st, the holidays begin on the 2nd April.

World Book Day 2021 

All year groups will find the tasks to complete on this page. 


Messages from two authors:

We have a World Book Day message from Sophie Anderson! She is the author of The House with Chicken Legs, The Girl Who Speaks Bear and her newst novel, The Castle of Tangled Magic. These are fantastic stories which we would recommend to Years 5 and 6!

We also have a World Book Day message from the author of Planet Omar, Zanib Mian! Her books are perfect for anyone in Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 and you can collect a copy of Zanib's book Planet Omar Operation Kind using your £1 book token this year!

First, explore the whole of this page before you begin.


You have two tasks to complete today. You need to complete one task from 'Wisp - A Story of Hope, and one of the workshops from the Author Academy. Scroll down the page to find the different tasks. You can also enjoy listening to as many of the stories as you like from the choice of books the staff at North Borough has chosen for you. 

Task 1

Watch the video of Mrs Nicholls sharing this story with you by clicking on the book cover. 

You can find a copy of the story here: Wisp - A Story of Hope


Next, pick one of the tasks to complete and email it to your teacher.


Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Your Wisp of Hope

Watch the video below to find out about this lesson:

 A Wisp at Your Feet Video.mp4

Spend some time thinking about what we would see if the wisp landed at your feet. 

Take your time to draw and label what it would look like. Add colour if you can. We would like to display your ideas so please take care with your work and remember to email it in to us

Use these resources to help you with this task today.


If the wisp landed at your feet.pdf

Wisp Ideas to Inspire.pdf







Poem of Hope

Join Mrs Worrall today for some poetry writing! Watch the videos below to find out about this lesson:


Poem of Hope Memories.mp4

Poem of Hope Someday.mp4 

Watch the videos and complete each activity.  You will create your own 'list' poems.  You don't need to rhyme or follow a strict pattern so it is not tricky!









The Wisp's Perspective

Watch the video below to find out about this lesson:

Writing from the Wisp's Perspective Video.mp4 

Why do you think the Wisp has visited this refugee camp? Why do you think the wisp visited these people? 

Do you think the wisp chose them for a reason? Did they need hope? Did they need to remember their 'once'?  

Have a go at writing from the wisps perspective.

What would the wisp be looking out for? 

Use the resources below to help you.


Help from the Book.pdf

Emotions Vocabulary Support.pdf

Emotion Thesaurus Vocabulary Grid - A4.pdf

Sentence Strips for Support.pdf






Task 2

Next, you need to complete one of the workshops below. Decide which one you would like to work on and email your completed task to your teacher. 

These are some of the book you can have using your £1 voucher. 

Alex Bellos and Ben Lyttleton, the authors of Football School, talk about how their fantastic stories also help us learn about the world. The book is all about inspirational stories of achievement – both on and off the pitch! Hear some of their best football stories – one of which inspires a mysterious writing challenge... 

Click on the book title to watch the video. 

Click here for the extract of the book.

Your task is to complete a fact file which can be included in the book for your favourite footballer. If they are already included in the book, pick your second favourite! 

Use the template below to help you. 

Fact File Template.pdf

Learn all about how to be an earth warrior! Jess French, author of £1 book Protect the Planet, shares tips on easy everyday changes so that you too can can help protect the planet. Listen to why ‘kindness is key’ and how you can make a real difference with simple solutions!

Click on the book title to watch the video. 

Click here for the extract of the book. 

Your task is to think about how you can make the world a better place. 

Consider 5 ways you can help protect and improve our planet. You can use the ideas from the extract to help you. Use the template below to help you. 

5 Ways I can help our planet.pdf


Join Humza Arshad and Henry White, the co-authors of the Little Bad Man series! Here they share the importance of not making judgements before you embark on a new adventure, and find out just how you can be inspired by a radioactive samosa…

Click on the book title to watch the video. 

Click here for the extract of the book. 

Your task is to create a comic strip. In the story a samosa has superpowers. In your comic strip, think of a different food which would have superpowers. What adventures could you on? Which friends or family member could you include in your comic strip story. Don't forget to add captions and speech bubbles to your comic strip. 

Use the template below to help you.

Comic Book Template.pdf 

If you were to go on an exciting and wild adventure, where would you go? Maybe your place is made up, or maybe it’s a real location, like the rooftops of Paris! Hear from Katherine Rundell how taking inspiration from real life exciting incidents can help you find adventure hidden in all sorts of unexpected places.

Click on the book title to watch the video. 

Click here for the extract of the book. 

Your task is sketch the view you think you would have from your rooftop or from a rooftop of your chosen city. Consider the view described in the extract. Try to add as much detail as possible. 




Click on the book covers to enjoy the story with an adult from school!




This year's books available using your £1 voucher

This year we have a selection of the World Book Day books in school for you rather than going to the shops. If you'd rather have the book token to have

£1 off of your chosen book, we still have some left over! 


We also have links below to The Children's Book Show Digital Festival.


Authors and illustrators will be hosting live sessions today for you to enjoy and join in with. 


Catherine Johnson in conversation with Nicolette Jones at 11am on Thursday 4 March, for Years 5 and 6


Daniel Morden at 1.30pm on Thursday 4 March, for Years 5 and 6