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Tuesday 2nd May

Guided Reading

Complete the reading comprehension about Ancient Greece. 1 star is mild, 2 star is spicy and 3 star is hot.

Reading Comprehension Task


Practise your division!

Division Mild/Spicy

Division Spicy/Hot



Complete the sentence activities. Choose your level of challenge: 1 star is mild, 2 star is spicy and 3 star is hot

Different Types of Conjunctions Task

Subordinate Clauses Task



Use this link to remind yourself about the digestive system you have learnt about in Science.

Digestive System Link

Imagine you are a piece of food, write the story of your journey through the digestive system! Make it fun and exciting for the reader but remember to include the key facts about what happens to you on your journey.


Thursday 27th April 

Tuesday 2nd May

MATHS - Please complete the following work book (it can be done on paper) this is a recap of skills we have learnt this year! 

Maths Thurday 27th.pdf

ENGLISH - Please see the SPaG activity (this can also be done on paper) this is a recap of all the parts of English that we can sometimes struggle with! 

English Thursday 27th.pdf

AFTERNOON - Please choose 2 pieces of work from this terms homework grid 

Homework grid


Maths - Using the link below you will find a pdf containing lots of different questions that we have covered so far over the year, you must choose at least 3 pages to complete! 

 Maths workbook

English - We are going to be recapping some grammar today to help with your writing! Please complete everything on the links below! There are some videos to help you too! 

 Starter 1

Starter 2

(54) Main and Subordinate Clause Song - YouTube

(54) Sing with Grammarsaurus - Relative Clauses (Embedded) - YouTube

Using the picture below you are going to write a setting description / character description with relative / subordinate clauses! Use the worksheets you have just completed to help you! 

 Afternoon work - Please complete 2 pieces of work form this homework grid!

 Homework grid



Home learning for Thursday 27th April 2023 - 


Everything you need for today is in this PowerPoint. Start with the grammar questions, move onto the SATs reading paper challenge and then complete the writing task. Be creative with your writing and take care with your handwriting, spelling, grammar and punctuation.



You have a choice today. You can either look at some division problems:


Or you can look at an investigation:


Or you can be brave, challenge yourself and try both! Good luck!


Foundation - Geography

Continuing our look at mountains, read through this PowerPoint on Mountain Ranges. Look at the questions and try to answer them (either in your head or jotted onto some paper). Then you need to choose either mild, spicy or hot from this document. You will need an atlas or the internet to be able to complete this activity.




The videos below are tutorials for how to login to and use the online learning tools that we subscribe to as a school.

Click on the correct box below to view the homework for the particular term and year group you wish to view.


There is also a link under each heading with guidance on homework expectations for each year group.


Year 3


Homework in Year 3



Year 4


Homework in Year 4


Year 5


Homework in Year 5


Year 6


Homework in Year 6