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Year 5 Remote Learning

This page is for year 5 children who are stuck at home self-isolating at the moment.

We're sorry you can't be with us right now - we miss you!

While you're at home, it's important that you carry on learning so we have set out the work that we expect you to complete until you return to school.

Work through the activities below, one day at a time.

Email your completed work to

Work will be marked on a weekly basis.


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Week beginning 23rd November 2020

Monday 23rd November


 Cogheart by Peter Bunzl

Read Chapter 7 of Cogheart

What do you know about Mrs Rust?  If you had a mech looking after you, what would they be like?  Which special abilities/attachments would they need?  Mrs Rust is a cook and has lots of different kitchen utensils that click onto the end of her arms.  


Vocabulary Check: do you know the meanings of these words?

astounded, matted, unfurled, signed, encrusted, distorted, mangled, calloused, furrowed, scapula, valve, kindred, intuition, juddered 

Vocabulary help click here



or if this is too tricky for you,

read Chapter 4 from Harry's House of Invention

Harry's House of Invention

What happens in this chapter?

Vocabulary check: do you know what these words mean?

quivered, rippled, slithered, praised, chattery, furious, darted, autumn, muttered, secure, mischief, supposed


Cogheart by Peter Bunzl

Practice your use of commas.  Work through these activities

Commas activities

Now write a description of Mrs Rust using commas accurately.

Simpler version of the text

Cogheart Story


Area and Perimeter

Tricky topic this week!  If you have a ruler or tape measure, explore the perimeters of different things in your home.

Perimeter = distance all the way  around the outside of a shape  (e.g. a fence)

Slides for this week:

Term 2 Week 4 Maths Perimeter and Area.pdf

BBC Bitesize link: 




Extra challenge


Earth and Space

Here is a summary of what we are learning this term:

Space knowledge organiser.pdf


Today's challenge:

The Moon

Go through the slides.  Try to look at the Moon next time it appears in the sky.  Which part of its phase is it in?

Draw and label the different phases of the Moon

phases of the moon worksheet.docx




Tuesday 24th November


Cogheart by Peter Bunzl

Chapter 7

Practice writing a summary of the chapter using this framework.  Focus on the main things that happen!

In a nutshell.docx



Vocabulary help click here


or if the text is too tricky for you,

Chapter 1  Harry's House of Invention

Harry's House of Invention

If you could invent one brilliant kitchen gadget, what would it be?

Draw and label your invention neatly.


Cogheart by Peter Bunzl

Chapter 7

or click here to hear the chapter read out loud: Cogheart Chapter 7 audio.mp3

Today we will write a letter to persuade Madame Verdigris to treat the mechs with more care. 

Use your class ideas from last week to help you

Work through the activities on these slides first!


Writing frame and useful phrases:

Persuasive Letter template Tues.doc

Letter-of-Persuasion-word-bank Tues.doc


Don't forget to use the Cogheart Vocabulary padlet to help with words you don't know in the text!

Cogheart Vocabulary


Perimeter and Area

Calculating Perimeter

Slides for this week:

Term 2 Week 4 Maths Perimeter and Area.pdf

Today's challenges:

Tue Rectlinear perimeter.pdf



This term our Geography focus is Maps. 

Activity Sheet Matching Symbols.pdf

Lesson Presentation Symbols.ppt

Investigate the symbols used on maps.

Which can you work out and which do you need the key for?

What is shown on this map?  

Can you spot these features?


railway lines and stations

roads (look at their different colours)

football stadium


a bridge

anything else?


Wednesday 25th November


Cogheart by Peter Bunzl

Chapter 7

Where does Professor Silverfish live?  Can you find this part of London on a map/online?  

What are mechanicals not allowed to do  according to Mr Sunder the lawyer?  Do think this is right?  Would you change the law?  Why/Why not?


List the places that Harry's arm  caused trouble and what it did.

Hint: what did it do in the Quiet room at school? 

Draw each place and write a sentence to describe what mischief the arm got up to

storyboard template.doc


Practice your skills: Space information

Read the text Space comprehension text.JPG

Complete tasks 1,2,3 and 4.

tasks 1 and 2.JPG

Tasks 3 and 4.JPG

You don't need to print - you can just write your answers on paper.



Perimeter and Area

Slides for this week's learning:

Term 2 Week 4 Maths Perimeter and Area.pdf

Area = length x width






Understanding of the World

Watch an episode of Newsround (cbbc or iPlayer) and find out where in the world the top stories are happening.


Ask your parent or carer if you are not sure.


Write a summary of the top news story



Thursday 26th November



Chapter 7

Using the abilities of the mechanicals encountered so far in the story, design your own mechanical.  Think carefully about what it can do, how it might speak and which household objects that some of its body might be made of.


Alternative text:

Use the text to help you. 

Complete the summary for chapter 4.  

Can you write what happened in just a few sentences?

Summary scaffolding.docx




Skills building part 2:

Space information 

Read Space comprehension text.JPG

Complete tasks 5,6,7 and 8

Tasks 5 and 6.JPG

Tasks 7 and 8.JPG



Area and Perimeter

Time to work out the area!


Here are this week's teaching slides:

Term 2 Week 4 Maths Perimeter and Area.pdf


Today's challenges:

Thur Rectilinear Shapes area.docx




Looking at things from different angles


Collect 3 or 4 different things.

Look carefully from the front.

Now can you look at the same things from the other side?

How do they look from above, so you look straight down on them?


Which shapes do you notice?


Now try to draw your things from above.  How accurate can you be?

Take your time and look really carefully!



Friday 27th November


Vocabulary building

Choose one of these three pages.  Look carefully at the picture.  Which adjectives, nouns, adverbs and verbs can you think of to help describe the scene?

WW Worksheets - Beach.pdf

WW Worksheets - T.Rex.pdf

WW Worksheets - Choc Spread.pdf





Cogheart padlet

Work through the activities on the slides below.


You are Professor Silverfish.  Describe your meeting with Madame Verdigris and Lily.  How do you feel about Lily?  

Remember to use commas accurately as you write, and read your writing out loud to check for sense and accuracy!


Area and Perimeter

Practical challenge Friday!


If you have some building blocks or Lego at home, go and get it!


Try these challenges. If you can, send in photographs of your work.  

Term 2 Week 4 Maths Perimeter and Area.pdf


Lego Area and Perimeter Challenges



Outdoor Learning